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4 Tips to make your WFH Workstation a Productivity Powerhouse

Updated: Aug 28, 2021

Let’s face it guys, Singapore’s tight spaces and social distancing don’t come in hand-in-hand. With physical social distancing strictly regulated at workplaces, it’s safe to assume that most of us will still be required to work from home alternately among our colleagues.

For some of us, WFH was the “holiday” we longed and needed. However, there are only a finite amount of tricks up our sleeves to escape virtual supervision. The day will inevitably come where your superior misses you and your output. Thus, here are some tips in getting your workplace back to business and give your productivity a much-needed boost to pay back all those Netflix hours.

#1 Keep your workplace clean & organized

It’s hard to notice, but a messy & disorganized table messes with your head unconsciously. Studies have found that constant disorganization actually drains our cognitive resources and reduces our ability to focus, while also increases our stress levels and tendency to procrastinate. 

Ahh doesn’t it all makes sense now on why our productivity has been going down the drain recently. A solid “explanation” to our bosses. I guess we better pause all our pending work tasks for now and “work” on getting rid of our clutter.

ISA Studio @ Raeburn Park

#2 Tech up your gear!

Squinting your eyes looking at your laptop screen all day? Or listening to your playlist all day to be awake? These are signs that some tech upgrades could actually be worth it in the long run. Here are some purchases to consider.

  • See more, do faster. If you are unable to read this line without zooming, your laptop screen is probably too small. Thus, for most people, hooking up your laptop to a larger separate monitor screen will help in elevating productivity levels.

  • Complement audio with visual. For music workers (people who can’t work without music), consider swapping that earphones of yours with a decent speaker, as listening long hours via earphones actually causes adverse health effects.

  • Little details matters. If you’re hesitant in spending a few bucks to replace that wireless mouse you left in your office drawer, and are thinking that your laptop built-in trackpad will do the job, think again. A wireless mouse and a full-sized keyboard does wonder.

#3 Equip up with the fundamentals!

No matter how fancy your gear is, the fundamentals are always most important. Here some questions to ask yourself:

  • Is your ass happy? 

  • Is your spine & back thanking you or hating you?

  • Does your table fit a laptop, mouse, notepad comfortably?

Here’s a flowchart to aid your purchase.

#4 Positioning of your workstation

It may sound simple, but the location of your workstation is rather important. For maximum productivity, we recommend that your workstation ticks the following points:

  1. Has sufficient and optimal lighting & natural light all around (near window, with desk lamp, mix of warm & white lights)

  2. Distraction-free or has minimal distraction (far from TV, running kids, moving cars)

  3. Good ventilation and cooling airflow. Whether you’re a air-con person or not, do ensure that you take in a healthy dose of natural fresh air every now and then.

Alexis 1-Bedroom service apartment

And that’s it folks! 3 simple tips for upgrading your WFH workstation to a productivity powerhouse! Too much hassle on the list? Check out International Service Apartments (ISA's Workabode) WFH solution that will definitely help max out your productivity.

ISA provide all your need in one stop, with our new launch of the Workabode, you’re no longer “forced” to work on your couches; your bed or even in your kitchen. Working in the wrong environment or posture will affect your and even your health! with the concept of WORKABODE, ISA provides an ideal living and working environment for you. From setting up a proper and comfortable working environment to providing everything you need when you are in “WORKABODE”. When Work-From-Home is a “MUST”, ISA Workabode will be the new wave of living.


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