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3 Real Truths about Working From Home

Working from home (WFH) used to be a privilege for some to enjoy flexibility and it has become a popular buzz phrase ever since the COVID-19 outbreak. With uncertainties lying ahead of us, companies are making the shift from traditional operating methods to work from home even as Singapore Phase 2 reopened since 19 June. WFH is definitely awesome, it offers flexibility and convenience to some extent, but it isn’t all rainbows and unicorns.

# Fact 1 : Wi-Fi problem?

One of the worst nightmares you could have is poor internet connection. While everyone is embracing the new norm lifestyle during Circuit Breaker, a reliable internet plays a big part in WFH. Imagine you have an important meeting and your Wi-Fi is “slow”, not only it is causing a lagging issue, it also ruins the whole meeting. You can’t respond to queries from bosses on time, you can’t hear what the others are presenting clearly… and that’s frustrating!

# Fact 2 : No proper workplace?

ISA Studio @ Raeburn Park

When you don’t have a proper workplace, WFH is not as glamorous as you think. I believe most of us are either working on our comfy bed or sofa all day long. Trust me, you would fall asleep during working hours and even suffer from back pain issues later on! If you are working on a table, great for you! Another problem arises specially for expatriates who are staying at hotels or short-term accommodation - The table is just too small for the computer and piles of paperwork! Ah, how I wish I could have more space!

# Fact 3 : Food!

“Cooking? Ain’t nobody got time for that!” Is that what you say all the time? Well, I have to agree with you especially when we are working around the clock! Most of us wouldn’t have the time to spend on planning the menus for the week. Food delivery service is definitely our saviour during the Circuit Breaker - it’s just a few tabs away to have our meals served on the table!

# Looking on the Bright Side

While things are a little different from the past, we shall adapt to the new norms with an open arm. WFH is still the preferred option for most of us in Singapore and we can remain productive even if we are working remotely! For all we need are high-speed WiFi, comfortable workspace and convenience in getting our daily necessity. This is how the idea “Workabode” came about, covering all your needs in a comfortable living and working environment!

ISA service apartments can be the perfect alternative option for everyone, especially for expatriates. All our unit comes with FREE high-speed internet and a personalised workspace with well-stocked stationery. Temporary need a laptop or printer to print out the document? The laptop and printer rental services are available for every of our guests.

The Parc 3-Bedroom service apartments

Need a space to cook for your meal? A fully equipped kitchen allows you to fulfil your Master Chef dream, trying out different recipes and dishes during the Circuit Breaker.

Too tired after long working hours? No worries! Browse the menu prepared exclusively for ISA guests at 10 Raeburn Park, drop your order and get your food served!

To learn more about us

Check out ISA Workabode and find out what you can expect when you are staying at any of our service apartments.


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