Redefining your work and living experience

What if we tell you that there was a fuss-free way to combine both living and working? You’re no longer “forced” to work on your couches; your bed or even in your kitchen. Working in the wrong environment or posture will affect your  and even your health!

This is how the idea “Workabode” came about. 

COVID-19 has created a “new normal”, where people are required to Stay-At-Home and Work-From-Home. Working from home will be the preferred way of working in the future, even if you have an overseas business trip after the pandemic. When Work-From-Home is a “MUST”, ISA Workabode will be the new wave of living.

With the concept of WORKABODE, ISA provides an ideal living and working environment for you. From setting up a proper and comfortable working environment to providing everything you need when you are in “WORKABODE”. 

When social distancing measures in place for the foreseeable future, we have decided to pivot to a new way of living and working. Rest assured that with ISA’s Workabode, you’ll enjoy maximum privacy and safety.

What's included

Free unlimited internet access

Full set of stationery

Comfortable workspace

Fully equipped kitchen


(Rental fees applicable)


(Rental fees applicable)